If your flight is canceled or delayed for at least 3 hours you may be entitled to compensation up to € 600 per person. As soon as you filled out your application on the website, our administrators review your case and after that we manage all contacts with the airline.
Our experts have long experience of dealing with claims against the airlines and are prepared to take your case to court if necessary.
EU Regulation 261/04 applies to all airlines, when you:

  • Fly within the EU
  • Fly out from the EU

It also applies when:

  • Fly into the EU with a European airline registered in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland.
Each passenger can receive between € 250-600, depending on the distance to the destination and the length of delay. See the different timing requirements in the table below.
When the delay is caused by reasons that are out of the airline’s control you have no right to compensation. This applies, for example, bad weather, strikes or security problems, which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

Every passenger who has been delayed more than 3 hours to his final destination meets the criteria for the decree. This applies even if you suffered shorter delays that resulted in you miss a connecting flight, reaching a total delay of more than 3 hours.
For cancellations the same rules apply as during long delays. You are however not entitled to compensation if you at least 14 days before the flight were informed of the canceled flight, or if you were rebooked to a flight that arrived less than 1 hour later than your original flight.
To start a case with us is free and we will cover all costs – even if we take your case to court. When the airline has agreed to pay compensation it is transferred to our account. We then make a transfer to your bank account, minus our commission totaling 30% incl. VAT. The compensation is tax-free for those who live in Sweden.
Anyone can apply for compensation from the airline. Information about the directives and your rights can be found here.
In Sweden, the regulation applies to all flights operated the last 3 years and in the rest of Europe between 3-6 years.
The compensation is linked to the passenger who suffered out the delay. Thus you are entitled the compensation even if your employer or someone else paid for the ticket.

Compensation matrix

Less than 2 h Between 2 – 3 h Between 3 – 4 h More than 4 h Distance (km)
Delayed €0 €0 €250 €250 < 1500
€0 €0 €400 €400 1500 < 3500
€0 €0 €600 €600 3500 <
Cancelled €0 €250 €250 €250 < 1500
€0 €200 €200 €400 1500 < 3500
€0 €300 €300 €600 3500 <
Denied boarding €0 €0 €250 €250 < 1500
€0 €0 €400 €400 1500 < 3500
€0 €0 €600 €600 3500 <

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